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Goblin is a hero race in Kings and Heroes.

Goblins are the youngest race in the world. They are small in stature, similar to a Halfling. Goblins are masters of stealth and unrivalled in their dexterity. They are calculated and cunning, often going unnoticed. Like the Orc, very little in known of the Goblin origins. Tales say they come from the swamps, but no specifics can be traced, leaving a fog over their past. Goblins are masters of many weapons but seem to be most comfortable with smaller blades. They are survivors, using many tactics to get by when other races may give up. Goblins move quickly and with resolve to vanquish their foes. This characteristic leads many to distrust them. Goblins can be loyal friends. Their communities tend to be hive-like with each member filling a specific role.

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