Patch Notes

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  • We have made substantial changes to the "net code" model of our character data
  • Chat has been revamped
  • Chat tabs have been removed.
  • Instead, channels can be used via /s for say, /p for group(party), and /t for team (when PVP is released)
  • Added '/w [name] [message]' for whispering
  • Group persistence has been re-enabled for when exiting a dungeon
  • Optimizations to items and item-like merchant objects (abilities, trade skills, etc.)
  • Item stats have been rounded and should not have hidden decimal. Equipping an item should add the exact same amount of stat on the character stat UI
  • Item Stack has been optimized, try adding item into stack and check if it is saved properly
  • Lava dungeon shouldn't have level 1 item in chest anymore
  • Loot group level is fixed. (ie: certain loot doesn't appear until player is level 39+)
  • Consumable item (ability scrolls) Requirements match so you can cast it.
  • Consumable item (learn ability) from trainer and scroll obtained in loot (dungeons)
  • Optimizations to combat and net code
  • Changed the way system stacks movement speed and attack speed. It should still behave the same as before, which is highest positive combined with lowest negative.
  • Revamped how consumables (ability scrolls, potions, etc.) are used.
  • Dungeons
  • Significant rework to Lava
  • Optimizations when loading floors
  • Change to randomization to make Lava dungeons more navigable.
  • Voice Overs added to additional vendors such as merchants
  • Boss Cards added- should also be included in journal after killing a boss.
  • Fixed item loss/duping when game client crashed or turned off inadvertently without logging off….Thanks Xyzen!