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Patch 56 - Server Performance Update




While we feel the improvements below will greatly improve performance, should we run into any further issues please let us know, as player experience (performance) is always at the top of our list to remedy.

• Optimized Performance to improve latency

• Optimized Character movement tick and aggro checks to further improve performance

• Fixed Crash related to Ogre NPC Gameplay

• Fixed an issue with the Tomb of the King that would prevent players from proceeding past level 1.

• Added Exit portal near the final room in the Tomb of the King

• Fixed several dungeon issues with incorrect spawns

• Fixed global loot rule for parties, currently it will be set as Round Robin with additional options available in the future.

• Fixed loot in starter areas and dungeons to provide loot when players drop. 

• Fixed loot Everdale Crypt and Tomb of the King (NPC’s should now drop loot). Caverns of Wild Loot fix will be in next patch.

• Loot in Rock Piles and Bone Piles upgraded

• Fixed issue where Lock Pick was not opening the correct level door in dungeons.

• Fixed issue where camera preference was not persistent.

• Lootable Foliage and Ore now present in all tiles

• Fixed issue where players would not see group members rim shader

• Fixed issue where several NPC’s had incorrect names.